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15% Discount On First Order Use Code 'Welcome15'

Auto Chicken Coop Door 35x 24cm

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The Chick'A bouncer with flap is recommended to protect your chickens from predators (foxes, martens and other pests). It can also prove effective in preventing rooster crowing in the early morning.

You can control the opening and closing of the chicken coop with this easy-to-install door, which is controlled by a timer or light probe. You can either use the standard mode, which detects the ambient brightness using the light sensor, or opt for the programmable time mode (12 or 24 hours). Of course, it is also possible to open and close the door manually with the push of a button.

It also has an animal detection function that detects the possible presence of chickens when the door closes slowly (this function is not activated when the door is closed manually). When the door is automatically closed and it detects an obstacle, the door automatically opens again and then closes. This attempt is repeated up to three times.

Waterproof and very resistant, the materials and components used are of the highest quality. Works even in extreme weather conditions. The door intercom also has a battery saving mode, the display switches off after 120 seconds.

The door intercom works with 2 AA alkaline batteries or a 5V DC adapter (not included). For more independence, you can install a solar panel with a maximum of 10W.