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15% Discount On First Order Use Code 'Welcome15'

SWISSINNO ultrasonic rodent repellent | 30 sqm

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Repelmice and other rodents with ultrasound can save inconvenient trapping or killing. The ultrasonic rodent and mouse repeller is simply set up and activated. The device immediately starts emitting high-frequency waves and the uninvited guests leave.

The ultrasonic mouse repeller is the easiest way to get rid of rodents. The device requires very little electricity and hardly any running costs. The use of ultrasound against mice is becoming more and more popular because it is a permanent solution.

The economical ultrasonic rat and mouse repellent can be used on a permanent basis as it is not dangerous to humans or pets. The device can be plugged directly into the socket and has an LED light that indicates correct operation.

Even rodents are not harm ed by the ultrasonic mouse repeller, but are still disturbed efficiently. The device can simply be set up in the affected room and activated, ready! The ultrasonic mouse repeller starts doing exactly what it was designed to do: To drive away mice, rats and other rodents.

Range 30 sqm