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15% Discount On First Order Use Code 'Welcome15'

LUDA SmartPlug

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LUDA SmartPlug - the intelligent GSM socket.

For hard daily use in agriculture from Swedish quality brand Luda.Farm. SmartPlug is a smart socket that communicates via mobile network with our app in your smartphone. You control the functions of the SmartPlug with your smartphone. Our matching free app is available for Android, IOS (iPhone), Windows and Mac. The SmartPlug can be used anywhere you have GSM cell phone network reception. The SmartPlug has a built-in free SIM card which sends and receives information. The standard functions of the device, regardless of whether you are in the country or abroad: Turn on and off an electrical appliance with the SmartPlug, read power consumption of an appliance connected to the SmartPlug, read ambient temperature of the SmartPlug. In addition, there are paid CONTROL+ functions in the app, such as power failure detector, temperature trigger and TIMER functions. CONTROL+ functions are free for the first year. After the first year, you can continue to operate the SmartPlug with the standard functions free of charge or with the additional CONTROL+ functions for a fee of € 24/year. You activate CONTROL+ functions in the My.Luda.Farm app, the annual fee for CONTROL+ is billed to your credit card. SmartPlug comes with a 3-year warranty when you register the product online.

Machines, electrical appliances, pumps, fans, lighting and much more - there are so many different devices on a farm that you would like to control, even if you are not on site.

Here's how it works:
Connect the SmartPlug between any electrical appliance and the power outlet (230V) and download the free My.Luda.Farm app to your smartphone.

With your smartphone and the My.Luda.Farm app, you can then remotely control the power supply of an electrical appliance connected to the SmartPlug.

The SmartPlug monitors the status and power consumption of connected devices, and you can simultaneously read the temperature in the SmartPlug installation room. The SmartPlug sends the data via its built-in SIM card to the free My.Luda.Farm app in your smartphone.

There are no monthly fees for remotely controlling the power supply (on / off switching), reading the power consumption of an electrical appliance and displaying the temperature in the SmartPlug's installation room.

CONTROL+ functions (free of charge for the first year, € 24,00/year thereafter)

Turns connected devices on or off based on your temperature pre-selection.
Example: Switch on the electric heater in the warehouse when the inside temperature is x degrees or switch on the electric heater for the drinking keys when the temperature in the barn drops below x degrees. This temperature trigger can be combined with the timer functions.

Turns the connected devices on or off, depending on your timer setting (day of the week / time of day). Practical to control for example the power supply of the diesel tank, the engine preheater or a heating system.

Sends an alarm message to your smartphone when the power fails. Handy if you want to make sure, for example, that fans are powered, pumps are running and electric fences are powered.

Notifies you when there is a significant change in power consumption. Example: When connected equipment fails or is unplugged. Useful for pumps, ventilation, lighting, control devices, heaters, etc.

Notifies you when the temperature rises above or falls below a set value. Useful tool for potato and grain storage, as well as pump buildings where the temperature must not drop below freezing.