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15% Discount On First Order Use Code 'Welcome15'

LUDA FarmCam Mobility 3/4G

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FarmCam Mobility surveillance camera with image transmission via cell phone network

Product description
For hard daily use in agriculture from the Swedish quality brand Luda.Farm. Thanks to image transmission via cell phone network and three ways of power supply, this wireless digital surveillance camera is the perfect monitoring solution for areas where you have no mains power and no wifi/internet connection.

There are three power options for this weatherproof camera: included rechargeable battery, included AC adapter, and Luda.Farm solar charger (accessory). The camera runtime with a fully charged battery is approximately 1 month. When using the battery, please note that cold ambient temperatures (e.g. winter) have an effect on the battery runtime.

Setting up and controlling the camera with the free Luda.Farm app "FarmCam 2.0" is brilliantly simple. The Luda.Farm solar charger even eliminates the need to charge the camera battery via mains adapter.

The FarmCam Mobility transfers images via 3G/4G cell phone network directly to the app in your smartphone, tablet or PC. Multiple users can view live images in the app simultaneously and you can control multiple cameras with one app. The camera comes standard with a rechargeable battery and can be used anywhere you have coverage from a 3G/4G cellular network.

The image quality of the FarmCam Mobility is excellent and is user selectable up to Full HD. The camera has night vision and a digital zoom function. Image and video recordings can be saved automatically by motion detection or manually. Film sequences and photos are stored on a removable micro SD card in the camera.

The FarmCam Mobility has an intelligent motion detection (PIR technology) that reacts to objects that emit heat. This technology prevents e.g. false alarms caused by branches moving in the wind, rain and insects. When the motion detection detects an event, the camera can send an alert message to the app in your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Another outstanding feature of this camera is the talk back function. The camera is equipped with a microphone and a speaker. You can have live voice dialogue with a person in front of the camera via app on your smartphone/tablet/PC, either as a deterrent or to discuss a topic. The built-in speaker can also be assigned an alarm siren function (at room volume), which is triggered automatically when motion is detected or manually with the app. You can use the camera's microphone to listen to the background noise in the camera's close vicinity.

The FarmCam Mobility is a complete set, included in delivery are:
Camera, camera mount including screws, free access to the camera app FarmCam 2.0, rechargeable battery, AC adapter with charging function, unlocked SIM card with a data volume credit of 1 GB, micro SD card with 16 GB storage capacity, rubber protective cover for the camera with which they increase the water resistance of the camera from IP 65 to IP 66, rubber shock protection ring.

This rugged camera comes with a 3-year warranty when you register the product online.

How it works:
To operate this camera, you need an unlocked SIM card with a sufficient data volume subscription to allow the camera to send images/live video to the FarmCam 2.0 app via popular cell phone networks. The included SIM card is unlocked and charged once with a data volume of 1 GB. Before or after using up this data volume, you can take out a data subscription with Luda.Farm. You install the free FarmCam 2.0 app on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Charge the included camera battery with the included combined power adapter/charger or alternatively with the Luda.Farm solar charger (accessory). If the battery used in the camera has less than 10 percent charge, you will receive a warning message in the app.
You can also operate the camera with a SIM card from your own cell phone network provider.
On the last page of this product description, you will find a list of cell phone network providers whose SIM card the camera automatically recognizes. For configuring other SIM cards, there is a brief description from us.

Scope of delivery:
1 FarmCam Mobility camera (IP 65) included:
- rechargeable battery 7.800 mAh
- charger and power supply: 110-240V (IP 44)
- camera mount including screws
- Protective rubber cover for the camera with which it achieves IP66 water resistance
- Rubber shock protection ring
- Screws and mini wrench
- reset pin
- unlocked SIM card with one time data credit of 1 GB
- 16 GB micro SD card
- 3 years warranty with online registration of the product
- user manual