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horizont Pasture pump set with solar panel

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Farmers who supply livestock through watercourses face a particularly big challenge.

Our battery and solar powered pump can help you solve this problem. The solar and battery pump sets can be integrated into all standard water troughs. This eliminates the need to teach the animals as with conventional pasture pumps. The solar pump set supplies groups of animals with their entire water needs without the need to change or charge the battery (depending on stocking density, forage base, weather conditions, etc.).

The pump sets are simple 12 V pumping systems based on proven water pumping technology to enable the transfer of large volumes of water. The trough is equipped with a float that turns on the submersible pump when the water level drops. The pump is connected to a 30 m hose that leads from the water source directly into the trough. The set is powered by a 12 V battery pack located in a weatherproof control box.

We recommend a minimum of 75 Ah and a maximum of 85 Ah. High efficiency 60 W solar panels can be added to the battery pump set. Depending on daily run time and time of year, a 60 W solar panel alone may not be sufficient to provide full power.

Additional panels may be required. The system is compatible with a solar array of up to 300 W. Recommendation: for 4 hours of run time per day, we recommend 3 x 60 W solar panels.

Water requirements for animals vary greatly and are affected by temperature, humidity and food type, among other factors. Always take this into consideration. The majority of grazing animals are herd animals and want to drink together, so the trough size should allow for this. Increasing the head will reduce the pump output. At 10 m head, the pump runs at about 65% of peak power.

Solar energy charging times vary depending on weather conditions. Keep in mind that in the summer the water demand of the animals increases. If you do not use the solar option, the periods between charges will depend on the level of use.

Battery and trough are not included.

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