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15% Discount On First Order Use Code 'Welcome15'

horizont Calf milk warmer POWER HEAT | aluminum | digital

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The calf milk warmer "Power Heat" Digital from horizont is ideally suited to heat the milk for your calves quickly and safely to a desired temperature and is therefore an indispensable addition to your calf rearing. Due to the special shape of the heating element with rings that open outwards, it is much easier to clean the heating element. This patent-pending development significantly increases hygiene in calf feeding. All parts of the milk warmer that come into contact with milk can be cleaned with easy access, reducing the risk of germ formation. Specific hygiene measures can prevent diarrheal diseases.

At 1,700 watts, the calf milk warmer has a lower energy consumption than conventional milk warmers and thus a particularly effective power consumption. Free access to the control surface makes it easy to set the temperature. In addition, the control surface is protected from damage by specially shaped handles on the sides. Due to the additional holes in the handle, the power plug can be easily secured, which allows you to work safely at any time.

When the set temperature is reached, both a visual and an acoustic signal is given and the calf milk warmer switches off automatically - this prevents the milk from burning.

The calf milk warmer is ideally suited for calf feeding buckets with a capacity of 8 liters, has an ergonomic working height of 90 cm and is particularly easy to handle with its low weight of only 2.8 kg. The milk warmer can be used from an immersion depth of 150 mm and due to the flat design, the liquid to be heated mixes more easily than with standard calf milk warmers.

Advantages of the digital version:

  • Infinitely variable temperature setting including storage of the last temperature (0 °C to + 99 °C in steps of one).
  • Display easily visible even in darker stalls due to illumination
  • PTFE coating