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15% Discount On First Order Use Code 'Welcome15'

Red Mite Deterrent 3kg

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Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to humans and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Diatomaceous earth is free of chemical products and is known as a natural insecticide that eliminates red mites, fleas and ticks. It is ideal for disinfecting chicken coops and can also be used to absorb odours from pets.

The diatomaceous earth is simply sprinkled on the animal, rubbed in and brushed off to eliminate the parasites. Diatomaceous earth used in organic farming fertilises the soil, promotes plant growth by aerating the roots and prevents colonisation by slugs. Diatomaceous earth is a feed additive and can be used completely safely if it is not calcined. It helps to eliminate odours, protect animals from mites, fleas and ticks and safely absorb moisture in chicken coops.

The product is effective in disinfecting chicken coops and pets such as cats and dogs. Diatomaceous earth also controls bed bugs, cockroaches, beetles and ants.