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15% Discount On First Order Use Code 'Welcome15'

Chicken Coop XXl

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£1,350.00 - £1,350.00
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Norway chicken coop with integrated aviary is suitable for 20 to 30 chickens.
This extremely spacious chicken coop consists of a spacious, warm and elevated shelter, which is accessible via a ladder. The chicken house is equipped with perches and a laying nest. The shelter is accessible via a door from the outside, which allows for easy and quick cleaning.

In addition, it has a drawer for the excreta of the animals. Thus, you provide your chickens with excellent hygienic conditions and cleaning takes little time. The laying nest has a hinged door, which makes the collection of eggs easier and safe. Chicken House Norway has a spacious outdoor aviary, where the animals can enjoy the outdoors in complete safety. You yourself can enter the aviary through a large access door, even without having to bend down.