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15% Discount On First Order Use Code Welcome15 At Checkout

Water Pump 40M-7M3/J NM

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The S1-200 can be used wherever water needs to be pumped. Typically in areas where
where there is no electricity or where access to electricity is expensive or impractical.

S1-200 can be used for a variety of applications. The most popular uses are drinking water for households, water for livestock or for small irrigation applications.

Customers can pump from water sources such as a well, pond, river or lake. The pumps deliver up to 27,000 litres of water per day and pump up to 40 metres high, depending on installation conditions.


  • Depth: up to 40 m
  • Water volume per day: up to 7 m3/d.
  • Power: 0.15kW
  • Voltage: from 16 to 55 DC
  • Pump diameter: 100 mm
  • Weight: 6.98 kg
  • Brushless DC motor (no maintenance required).
  • High density resin
  • Spiral rotor (progressive cavity)
  • Outlet in 1' inch (DN25)
  • IP68 (housing): high weather and water resistance

Box contents :

  • Controller with inputs for PV modules, pump, dry run protection, float switch and BluetoothTM connection.
  • Ready-to-use progressive cavity pump with high-efficiency 8-pole brushless DC ECDRIVEMotor, including cable connector with 15 m length.
  • MC4 adapter cable for connection between PV modules and the controller,
  • 2 fixing screws for the controller module.
  • 1" hose clamp.
  • A manual with links to helpful videos and FAQ:(

Additional mandatory accessories (not included):

  • Solar panel 120W: ref.119150105 *2
  • Float: ref. 119150140

Other complementary accessories ( not included):

  • Pump extension cable: ref.119150141
  • Extension cable probe: ref.119150142

Online configurator :
Use the online configurator to help you install your Peer pump.

Complete kit :
The S1-200 is supplied as a kit in a single box. To complete the system, only the integration of a PV module suitable for
the local market and any other optional accessories required by the customer.

Control the pump with LORENTZ S-Connect :
With the LORENTZ S-Connect app, the customer can view the current status of the pump in real time at any time, adjust settings
and even export performance data. Current flow rates, daily pumped water volumes, performance data and speeds are displayed via the BluetoothTM connection.

With the LORENTZ S-Connect app, the customer can control the pump via a timer, monitor the flow rate with a
maximum motor speed or set a maximum daily water volume. S-Connect App for real-time information and control

The LORENTZ S-Connect app is available for Android devices in the Google Play Store or for IOS devices in the App Store. There is
a demo function that allows you to use the app before purchasing a pump system.

LORENTZ S-Connect also has features to assist customers with links to FAQ content. Firmware updates and technical data downloads are also included to assist with troubleshooting and support.

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