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15% Discount On First Order Use Code Welcome15 At Checkout

Stallion Peach Teat Teat | removable | black

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The teat can be attached to all Stallion brand drinking troughs using the screw thread item no. 389STA120018403. 

The Peach teat, appreciated for its naturalness, is characterised by the fact that it does not let more liquid through than a cow's udder, so that the calf can suckle more vigorously than with conventional teats. This stimulates salivation and improves the pH level in the stomach, which in turn aids digestion.  The teats promote natural sucking with optimal milk flow.

The unique patented valve inside the Peach teat retains the milk in the teat, making it much better suited to the calf's needs. There is one opening on each side of the teat tip to promote an even flow of milk. The teats are made of natural rubber and have been specially designed to meet the needs of calves.

The screw cap ensures compatibility with all commercially available teats. The teats can therefore be adapted according to the needs of your calves.

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