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15% Discount On First Order Use Code Welcome15 At Checkout

KAMER castration forceps steel | with joint (30 cm)

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With joint and locking device. Made of high quality nickel-plated steel. Supplied with a wrench. Castration with castration forceps is performed when the testicles have reached their final firmness (not their final size), before the age of 6 months. The castration forceps allows the closure of the testicular cord through the scrotal skin. Instructions for use: it is necessary to proceed in 2 steps and to operate the forceps 2 times, 1 to 2 cm apart: - Identify the testicular cord - Block the cord for 5 minutes between the two jaws of the forceps - Repeat the same step 1 cm further down on the same testicular cord. The unblocked space allows the scrotum to be supplied and prevents gangrene. Perform the same procedure on the second testicular cord - Never perform castration on both cords at the same time. The forceps must be stored open after use and cleaning.

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